2016-07-10 - Kensington Ramble

~5.9 miles @ ~11.0 min/mi

"Stick a fork in me!" Rebecca says, when asked if we're done after almost half a dozen miles on a warm and humid morning. Well done!

Ken takes us along the streets and over the hills of Kensington and Chevy Chase View. At every corner we turn in the direction that offers the most shade. A dog-walking woman's shirt reads, Will Run for Cupcakes! Someone wonders, "Is 'Cupcakes' your pup's name?" We cut through the Cedarbrook Swim and Tennis Club and hope that the friendly wave from a member will cancel out the NO TRESPASSING signs we see.

Meandering feet eventually find their way back to Rock Creek Trail, where packs of runners-in-training greet us as we pass. Then comes Nick who in his British accent warns, "Treats ahead!" Though he's from England this isn't (just) naughty British slang — there are indeed bunches of bananas and jugs of orange juice on the picnic table at KenGar, left there by the kind Montgomery County Road Runners club. Thank you!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-08-01