2016-10-10 - Double Ten Dawn Patrol

~8.1 miles @ ~13.4 min/mi

"... and he would put powder on his behind, so the audience would know that it wasn't ventriloquism!" Somebody describes a recent documentary on the history of, uh, passing gas; see "Mr. Methane" in Wikipedia for further details.

The Dawn Patrol claims dominion over the empty streets of McLean on a chilly Federal holiday morning, stars twinkling overhead. Kerry tells of a teenage party game: go around the circle imitating the sound of your car starting. Kristin leads us past Halloween-themed yards, including a well-decorated mansion on Chesterfield Ave that has added even more ghosts, skeletons, and witches within the last few days. An excited dog dances and barks from a bay window.

A sign on an elementary school playground fence forbids kids from using tobacco products there. We discuss accidental fires that folks we know well may or may not have started. Somebody's spouse is reportedly trying to teach the family puppy to howl whenever a siren wails. After taking a few cobwebs in the face for the team, Cait recounts a spider attack in a Parisian bistro.

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