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2016-10-12 - McLean Memories

~8.8 miles @ ~13.0 min/mi

"Nostalgia Tour!" Kerry names today's route, past well-remembered schools that her kids attended during the past dozen-plus years, by playgrounds and parks via newly-resurfaced pathways. Dense fog drifts across meadows and scatters flashlight beams. Kristin and Cait share family stories, including sibling size-rivalries and wrestling matches. Pet store visit observations include parrots perched on steering wheels and noisy engine-revving wars between a blue Lamborghini and a red Ferrari.

And then there are decision paradoxes: why is it so easy to pick a house or a spouse, and so hard to select window trim? Paul Krugman's comments come to mind: "... My happiness depends almost entirely on a few important things, like work, love and health, and everything else is not really worth worrying about — except that I usually can't or won't do anything to change the basic structure of my life, and so I worry about small things, like the state of my basement. ..." We resolve to enjoy the day. Rabbit count = 3.

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