2016-10-28 - Dia de los Muertos Front Yard

~6.1 miles @ ~12.0 min/mi

"Curse you, Autocorrect!" My text-message to Caitlin, synchronizing arrival for today's Dawn Patrol run, has a highly unprofessional typo. She forgives: "Lol, I needed a good laugh today! Thank you :)" We both recall worse mistakes, including embarrassing texts sent inadvertently to the wrong recipient. Mom, please ignore!

A Halloween yard near mile 3 features Dia de los Muertos skull, Despicable Me minion, ghostly totem pole, trick-or-treating dog, Hello Kitty witch, plus yet-to-be-inflated creatures including a giant dragon-snake. Cait's hip flexors and my right ankle are iffy but tolerable. Gusty winds make 50-degree temps feel brisk. The old moon rises next to Jupiter, blurred by low haze. Trail talk includes process flow diagrams for cat-box systems engineering.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2016-11-24