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2016-11-06 - Potomac Heritage 50k

~31.4 miles @ ~18.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Potomac_Heritage_50k_2016-11-05.jpg"Kids, let the hikers through!" says a father. At mile ~19 Ken Swab and I overtake a family out for a stroll near Turkey Run Park and yes, we're mostly hiking now. Our ramble through the lovely woods is fun and uneventful — other than missing turns and going off-course briefly for bonus mileage at several places. No problem!

"Thank you, but not right now!" is what I should have said at mile ~25 when offered two jalapeño quesadillas by a kind volunteer at the Chain Bridge aid station. Instead, every quarter mile thereafter as my digestive system, uh, complains, poor Ken hears a voice say "Quesadilla!"

Nonetheless, it's all good. We finish in about 9.5 hours. Graffiti underneath bridges is bright, weather is near-perfect, terrain is beautiful, and people we meet along the way are splendid. As usual!

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