2016-11-11 - Great Falls Walkabout with Dr M

~4.6 miles @ ~24.1 min/mi

"You REALLY don't know what that word means?" Dr Mary is astounded at her friend's level of naïveté, and as he blushes supplements her tutorial with examples from recent "South Park" episodes. Great Falls National Park glows golden this morning, with steep descents on the rocky Ridge Trail. A red-headed woodpecker pokes at a stump, then flies up to perch on a dead tree trunk. A young deer stands close to the path and stares. Conversation covers cognitive fallacies, yoga pants (yay!), evolutionary psychology, Internet trolls, current US politics, and long-term plans to long-distance speed-hike with friends.

Earth is such a beautiful planet — much love to it, and its inhabitants!

(trackfile ... plus a solo prelude walk upstream, ~1.1 miles @ ~16.9 min/mi as per earlier trackfile ...) - ^z - 2016-12-11