2017-01-02 - WOD Walkabout with Dr M

~3.8 miles @ ~18.4 min/mi

"But with four of them in the class, they turned into total jerks*!" Mary tells of the meltdown of a Relativistic Quantum Mechanics course long ago, when too many elderly show-offs auditing the class hijacked the lectures by trying to outdo one another's cleverness. No good for the grad students who came to learn!

Umbrella unfurls and hood goes up as misty drizzle turns into real rain at mile 2. The W&OD pathway is virtually empty as we start at scientist-named Michael Faraday Court for a brisk out-and-back walk. Result: soggy socks, wet windbreakers, and wonderful conversation!

* "jerks" isn't quite as, uh, spicy as the actual word Mary uses. Trail talk!

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