2017-03-24 - McLean Ramble

~6.5 miles @ ~14.5 min/mi

"They're marshmallows!" Dr Kerry is describing her cuddly-friends, cat Phoebe and dog Sid, each other's BFFs — not anything floating on the iced coffee that she's sipping. The Dawn Patrol pauses at Starbucks in downtown McLean, then meanders cross-country through Bryn Mawr Park while enjoying quiet conversation and a pink-lavender dawn, interspersed with shared laughter. Kristin's puppy Black&White is doing well, as is Cait's 3-year-old niece Riley, who recently requested a practice Easter Egg Hunt in preparation for the actual event.

"Mono was the best thing that happened to me!" Discussion turns to quick weight loss via illness. Norovirus (or something like it) hit me this week. Alas, it didn't do enough: I'm still in the high-140s, crossing into the low 150s, a dozen or so pounds above optimum. Sad!

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