2017-03-29 - Rappahannock Run

~7.4 miles @ ~13.5 min/mi

"Autopilot!" Cait explains why she's awaiting us at the wrong building. Today's the last Rapp Run, since folks are imminently moving out of that leased space. Three big deer stare at us as we cross a little park. Then: "Westward Ho!", from Tysons into Vienna past the Westwood Country Club. Squinting at a map suggests that Creek Crossing Road might get us back via a new neighborhood. Let's try it!

"There's the dragon!" Kristin spies the front-yard sculpture that we saw on our last exploration here (cf. 2016-09-02 - Tysons Exploration), almost seven months ago. A person in search of her lost cat gives us the phone number to call if we find it. Puddles on the ground and sharp breezes portend a cold front's arrival.

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