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2017-05-19 - Long Run Short

~16.1 miles @ ~15.3 min/mi

"But could you fire somebody via pizza delivery?" Nowadays one can request "Draw a dragon on the box" or other special features when ordering. As we ramble we muse about management possibilities.

On a hyper-humid morning a red fox with white-tipped tail crosses Creek Crossing Road in front of Kerry and Kristin. Later a tiny bunny scampers across the trail. A can of beer, unopened, gets rescued from the curb along Route 7. At mile 8 we pause at Whole Foods for iced coffee and frozen fruit pops. Even so, after a few more miles in the sun on the W&OD Trail we're melting. Detouring onto shadier neighborhood streets helps.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-06-14