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2017-05-29 - Flying Balls

~12.3 miles @ ~13.6 min/mi

"Lions? Tigers? Bears?" - "Sorry, no." - "Unexploded bombs?" - "No." - "Poorly secured facilities for the criminally insane?" - "Nope." - "Haunted cemeteries?" - "Not that I know of." - "Flash flood zones?" - "None." - "Fireswamps? Lightning sand?" - "Uh-uh." - "Homes for wayward ninjas?" - "Are you serious?" - "Chompers? Slowly rotating fans?" - "No and no."

This section of the Fairfax Cross Country Trail seems sadly lacking in danger, at least according to Lucas and Janet. Nonetheless, they give good directions to an access point in the Oakton area. Southbound the pathway is nicely shaded, rolling hills with occasional muddy bits churned up by mountain bikers. Birds and butterflies flit; cicadas whir.

"DANGER   FLYING BALLS" warns a sign next to the Oak Marr golf course. At Jermantown Road I turn back. Continuing north of Vale Road the trail gets narrower and muddier, until it reaches a nontrivial stream crossing. Reverse course!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-06-23