2017-07-28 - Side Stitch

~7.2 miles @ ~12.0 min/mi

"To the Sun!" Kristin sends the Dawn Patrol east on a muggy morning. A dime gleams on the sidewalk at the corner of Chain Bridge and Old Dominion. "Is there anything I could buy with this at 7-11 nowadays?" We trot past the Eagle House and the Lavender Bungalow. One small bunny hops into the bushes.

"In the dark you could follow that black dog by the white tip of his tail!" Someone obsessive requests we sprint the last quarter mile to keep our overall pace sub-12. At run's end Cait and Kristin diagnose the pain in my side. "Knife stab?" - "Kidney stone?" - "Intestinal cramp?" - "Broken rib?" - "Purely psychosomatic?"

Let the pity party begin ...

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-23