2017-08-02 - Bread Machine

~7.7 miles @ ~12.7 min/mi

"Weirdest pickup line? How about, 'I've got a bread machine in my dorm room — wanna come see it?'" Cait and Kristin reminisce about college days and what it's like to be an undergraduate engineer. As the Dawn Patrol trots through Tysons Corner a crimson sun peeks between clouds. Kerry reports on plans to celebrate imminent birthdays of her husband and son.

"We're kinda averse to deer ticks and poison ivy," we tell colleagues Chris Roberts and Jack Kurisky, who took the natural-surface Pimmit Run Trail this morning along the brushy stream. Both are fast VHTRC runners: Chris was an aid station volunteer at the Prince William Forest Park night run that I DNF'd at recently, and Jack just finished the ultra-hard Hardrock 100. Wow!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-29