2017-09-08 - All Relative

~16.1 miles @ ~13.8 min/mi

"You're the epitome of Frictional Employment!" Dr Kristin remembers a long-ago comment from her brother. (Was it an insult? What does it mean?) We join Dr Kerry and ramble with her for half a dozen miles. Six deer stand nibbling backyard grass. Lovely mansions - old, new, and under construction - pose the question: do their owners feel wealthy, or does the top 1% compare itself to the top 0.1% and feel poor? Backpack-laden kids slouch toward high school. The scent of marijuana lingers along a pathway between neighborhoods.

"Good morning!" says a well-dressed elderly gentleman, who takes a bent calabash pipe out of his mouth as we pass by. At McLean High we laugh at a spelling error on the parking sign ("PRIVELEDGE"?), then find ourselves trapped by a locked gate. Fire hazard? A front-yard sign, featuring an American flag motif, celebrates diversity and tolerance. We meander on the home stretch to add extra distance. Weather is cool, crisp, comfy. Good friends are so awesome to be with!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-10-07