2017-09-22 - Lemon Road Spider Surprise

~7.6 miles @ ~13.3 min/mi

"I run like a dinosaur!" Caitlin declares, holding her hands like a T Rex, high and folded close in front of her. Photos of the Dawn Patrol have come in from the Navy-AF Half Marathon on Sunday. Kristin dismisses the stylistic criticism. Three big deer amble past as we cruise the McLean 'hood after a warm-up loop around the office building complex. "Is it a 'compound' or a 'campus'?" Hmmmmm ... each has its implications.

"Big spider!" warns Cait, halting suddenly as a huge brown hairy arachnid climbs its web across the sidewalk. "Thank you for taking the lead!" we tell her. Her cap brim gives her a few extra inches of safety.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-10-21