2017-12-08 - Hickory Hill Rudolph

~6.9 mi @ ~14.1 min/mi

"Ugly Ornament Exchange!" is a game Cait's extended family plays some holiday seasons. She describes one Christmas tree decoration of two reindeer being, uh, "extremely friendly". The Dawn Patrol has a mini-adventure as we run to the end of Turkey Run Road, then ramble through the woods on the edge of Langley Oaks Park — including an exciting stream crossing via headlamp. And nobody falls in!

"It's Rudolph!" A huge inflated reindeer stands in front of Hickory Hill, the former Kennedy mansion. Kerry discovers another cut-through (is it #18?), this one between Melrose Drive and Pine Hill Road. Temps are in the mid-30s, with thickening clouds portending snow.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-12-29