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2017-12-10 - MCRRC Jingle Bell Jog 8k with Gayatri

~4.9 mi @ ~11.5 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/MCRRC_Jingle_Bell_Jog_by_D-Reichmann_z_2017-12-10b.jpg"That's not Santa — he's too thin!" A race-volunteer-Mom reports that her kids see through my disguise. Oops!

Results from the chilly MCRRC Jingle Bell Jog 8k with Gayatri show us coming in together at 56:31 — Gayatri 7th of 12 in her cohort and me 7th of 8 in mine. We wear "seasonal colors" and trot faster than Gayatri expects. And in spite of slippery-icy patches, nobody falls down!

(photos by Dan Reichmann)


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