2017-12-18 - Silver Creek Sprint

~4.3 mi @ ~10.7 min/mi

"Tempo run ... is faster than ... 'conversational' pace ... only can talk ... in short phrases ...". The breathless Dawn Patrol duo blitzes Caitlin's neighborhood, starting off with a shortcut through Cedar Lane Unitarian Church parking lots. Suburban home windows feature wreaths and the occasional menorah.

"We were meant to be here!" Reconnoitering the grounds of the brand-new super-spiffy Silver Creek Middle School, we find an unlocked back gate - yay! Cut through a senior-residence complex, and then via Kensington Parkway to the classic 1891 B&O train station designed by architect Ephraim Francis Baldwin. On the other side of the tracks, sprint to Cait's home via KenGar. Her final final exam of the semester is today - time to hit the books!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-01-12