2017-12-20 - Wishing Bowl

~5.5 mi @ ~10.5 min/mi

"WISHING BOWL" says the black container that Cait spies on the ground beside Rock Creek Trail near Garrett Park Road. Darkness pools around us as we pause to point headlamps down. "PLACE A STONE TO LET GO OF A PROBLEM" is printed at one end, and "TAKE A STONE TO MAKE A WISH" at the other. An overflowing box o' rocks suggests that problems cascade in and wishes trickle out. Hmmmmm!

"I must learn to breathe quietly, like you!" The Dawn Patrol Duo tries an exploratory tempo run, pushing splits of 10.6 + 10.4 + 11.2 + 11.5 + 9.7 and a final half-mile pace of 8.2 min/mi. We discover a new cut-through on Kenilworth Ave, and Caitlin glimpses a fox and a rabbit. It's a beautiful morning.

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