2018-02-04 - Slippery Speedwork Sunday Graffiti

~7.9 mi @ ~11.5 min/mi

Not for Nothing graffiti selfie"Stay upright!" advises the elderly cyclist on Sligo Creek Trail. Snow flurries sting eyes, then turn into sleety pellets that knock on noggin. Paths and sidewalks become slippery-slick until precipitation changes to chilly drizzle. "Ring of Fire" (Social Distortion's version) repeats on the mental MP0 player.
"Speedwork Sunday!" At the local track roll up sleeves, unzip jacket, and sprint four laps with recovery walks between (1:54 + 1:52 + 1:55 + 1:50). Too slow - more intervals needed, Dr Zed!Ashes graffiti
graffitiTrot to the local library, pick up two hardbacks from the hold lockers, and add more gravity to prior ~15 pound overweight encumbrance. Pause on the way home to photograph bright graffiti art on the backside of Jack's Roofing by the train tracks. "Not 4 Nothing!"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-03-06