2018-02-10 - Dawn Patrol on Maryland Heights with Brie and Jennifer

~5.3 mi @ ~28.5 min/mi

Maryland Heights - Brie, Jennifer, Kerry, and Molly"I'm totally kinky!" Brie comments, as she untangles the hose from her hydration backpack. Jennifer leads up the super-steep Stone Fort Trail on the northwestern side of Maryland Heights. Kerry and Molly trek behind.
"Let's take the Hard Way!" Jen suggests. That turns out to be wise: sheets of ice on the shady side of the ridge cause first one bruising fall, then another. The path would be far more dangerous if we were going downward.Maryland Heights - Brie Jennifer Kerry and Mo
Maryland Heights - Kerry and MoFast runners pass us, then turn back. We sit and slide, crunch across leaves, clamber over fallen trees, and cling to bramble bushes.
"The ice machine ran overtime!" The top of the hill is covered with uniformly-shaped finger-length cylinders of ice. We pause at the crest for photos, then descend on the safer sunny south side.Maryland Heights - Brie, Jennifer, Kerry, M
Maryland Heights overlook - Kerry anThe Overlook Cliff Trail rewards us with awesome views of Harpers Ferry and the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Jennifer and Brie explore a side trail, then catch up and proceed onward. On the trip down raindrops begin to fall. We spy Merle approaching along the C&O Canal towpath and wave. Adventure run completed!

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