2018-06-09 - Free Weights

~10.0 mi @ ~14.6 min/mi

"Free Weights!" puns Barry at the sight of a barbell and iron discs by the road in front of a sign indicating that they need a new home. "Shall we carry them from here onward?" Hmmmm, maybe not — but post-run we drive back for them. Already: "Feelin' Stronger Every Day". Maybe they work magic even if one doesn't lift them?

"Quick, hold this baggie for me!" Roadkill requests as a police car drives by. It's a humid-warm morning, with walk breaks early and often. Two front-yard rabbits monitor the corner of Kent and Wake. We divert past Cait's home, thank her for a glass of cool water, and miles later regret not accepting her kind offer of breakfast.

"St. Elmo's Street Fire: Feel the Burn!" In downtown Bethesda we pause for pics at Mile Zero of the Trolley Trail, and again at a Boxing & Kickboxing studio. Take lessons? Maybe another day ...

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-06-23