2018-08-12 - Dobsonfly

~11.8 mi @ ~13.7 min/mi

"Space!" announces Slow-Twitch at the end of a walk-break set by distance, not duration — since Roadkill says that time and space are all the same to a relativist. Today's 0.1 mile recovery walks are the length light goes in 0.5 microseconds; they alternate with runs of 2 microseconds light-travel. Humidity is high along the C&O Canal towpath, where K2 meets Jay-Bird & Co. for a ramble upstream from Carderock. Along the way: 3 great blue herons, a tiny turtle on a log, a nimble-footed deer nibbling moss off a jumble of rocks, plus countless geese, ducks, and squirrels.Dobsonfly at Great Falls on the C&O Canal
Olmsted Island overlook near Great Falls on the C&O Canal"And just think: to normal people we look a lot like that!" Fast athletes blast past, moving at twice our pace. We try not to swivel heads or gawk too visibly at buff bodies. The water fountain at Great Falls is deliciously cold. At the turnaround just short of Swains Lock a water treatment pumping station building is decorated with mystery bugs — they turn out to be Dobsonflies. A side trip to Olmsted Island provides views of turbulent rapids on the Potomac. We wonder whether a stinky shoe still smells bad if nobody perceives the odor.

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