2018-08-15 - True Names

~6.1 mi @ ~11.9 min/mi

"So as soon as I got home from the office, I told my husband that we had to call him something else!" Mandy explains the secret origins of her son's nickname. (No, can't be revealed here — it's a secret!) She and K-Rex review children's books including "Once Upon a Time, the End" (subtitled "Asleep in 60 Seconds") and another less-politely-named classic. In the gloom as we set out the horizon is tinged an afterimage-orange. Four deer trim backyard grass; two rabbits scuttle away. Dawn Patrol shares stories of spiritual growth and discovery. "We've all got to help each other — and take care of ourselves too!"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2018-09-08