2018-11-25 - I Have a Dream

~13.5 mi @ ~18 min/mi

"I HAVE A DREAM" says the marker on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Joyce & Roadkill pause where Martin Luther King Jr gave his speech 55 years ago. Tourists stroll by, posing for selfies with the Reflecting Pool behind them.I Have a Dream
Macarthur Avenue tunnel shrine Capital Crescent Trail"Believe it or not, most managers are human beings too!" We share career experiences and jog down the Capital Crescent Trail. Front yard art features big marbles overgrown by foliage. Rebecca and Win greet us, run ahead, then turn back. A fox crosses the path and vanishes into the woods. In the tunnel under MacArthur Blvd a tiny shrine commemorates "all those no longer with us". On the Georgetown waterfront we admire ducks paddling on the Potomac and peer at strange sculptures.
"Get to bed early!" Joyce offers sage advice for the Disney Dopey Challenge that Roadkill and friends plan to attempt next year. She is Perfectly Dopey, one of the rare few to have finished the 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon every year since the 4-day event began in 2013. Near the White House we pat the Zero Milestone, then take Metro back to our start. A lovely day for mindful conversation and friendship!I Have a Dream

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