2018-11-26 - Gratitude and Thanksgiving

~4.6 mi @ ~14.5 min/mi

"We can't afford a Unicorn, so we'll have to strap a Narwhal onto a Horse!" Roadkill quotes a colleague bemoaning the challenge of recruiting a rare skill mix. Rain holds off just long enough for Dawn Patrol to make it to Starbucks and return on a warm post-Thanksgiving morn. K2's kids had a great time at home for the holiday and returned safely to school. The results of Mom's arm-wrestling matches with them were positive. At least three ITBs twinge, tolerably. We thank each other every mile.

"She just talked and talked and talked, nonstop stream-of-consciousness — I didn't have to say a thing!" K-Rex describes a young girl who seems to channel the same inner Tigger as Roadkill's. We divert through a pine-scented Xmas tree mini-forest that now occupies much of a downtown McLean nursery. Wreaths are lovely but pricey, and adding a bow costs an extra $20. "I could get one for a dollar at the craft store!"

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