2018-12-07 - Dreams and Code Words

~7.4 mi @ ~14.6 min/mi

"Slippery slope!" K2 warns, as K-Rex tells of a Pony Play-Date offered by the local stables for young people. Likewise, a half-mile walk-run on which K2 took a colleague who said, "I can't run" — first steps on a slippery-slope toward ultramarathoning! Dawn Patrol lopes along, talking about calendar issues (don't ask!) and codewords for Recent Events That Must Not Be Spoken Of.

"I had a very interesting dream last night!" — the most frightening sentence in the English Language, according to Oscar Wilde, disproved by K2 as she describes a kindly-portentous dream. A hawk takes off from the ground near us as we approach. Such a wonderful morning!

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