2018-12-08 - Tea for Three

~14.0 mi @ ~16.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Henderson_tea_Caitlin_Barry_z_2018-12-08_t.jpg"And but for the sky there are no fences facing!" Roadkill sings at mile 10. Mr Tambourine Man (aka Barry) notes the absence of barriers, bushwhacks up a slope in Kensington, then pauses for pics by a giant stone head. Today's temps begin in the mid-20s as Crabby (aka Cait) trots to Barry's 'hood. Roadkill leads the way via a cemetery where American Founding Father Daniel Carroll is buried. We run hill repeats; Cait spies a family of lawn dinosaurs.

"Does the Second Amendment guarantee the right to bare not just arms but also, uh, ...?" someone wonders, as we trot along Sligo Creek and discuss top-free sunbathing, subject of a current lawsuit in Ocean City. Bawdy banter pauses at the Colt Terrace playground for feats of strength and toy-duck-riding. Roadkill rolls an already-twingy right ankle during an off-trail cut-through. We meet Robin near Wheaton Regional Park and pause to sip green gunpowder tea that she has kindly prepared to warm us. Thank you, Ma'am!
"Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" warns the sign at the intersection of Grandview and Arcola Avenues, where two cars have just collided. A few blocks later at mile 8 Cait's knee suddenly goes bad, possibly an ITB issue. We await her husband Bill's arrival; she reminisces about drawing chalk outlines around childhood playmates in the street, faux crime scenes to startle passers-by.

"You, Sir, are The Bad Influence today!" Roadkill salutes Barry, who takes us on a scramble through a brushy ravine to Einstein High School. Plans for speedwork on the track are thwarted by ongoing construction to upgrade the football field. Trail talk today includes superhero films, plans to see holiday lights, upcoming race logistics, and family news.

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