2018-12-18 - Pimmit Xmas Walkabout

~3.4 mi @ ~18.8 min/mi

"Looks like a battlefield!" A yard is strewn with corpses, slumping structures, crumpled vehicles - or rather, dark deflated Christmas decorations. Dr B and Roadkill take an early evening random-walk through Pimmit Hills, expecting streets bright with lights. Not so much this year, though there are exceptions. A few small houses go overboard; some mini-mansions take the plug-in-a-single-string opposite approach.

"Very like a whale!" as Polonius and Hamlet described a cloud. At one angle a set of white lights seem to depict a huge spouting sea creature. Upon closer inspection they turn into strands draped about a tree. And when underneath, "We're in the belly of Leviathan!" We catch up on news of family and friends, and resolve to get together more often.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-01-18