2019-01-04 - Dinner Disorders

~7.6 mi @ ~13.3 min/mi

"Cut the crust off the white bread!" - "And then roll it up into a spiral disc like a cinnamon bun!" - "Peel and slice the apple!" - "Don't let any of the foods touch each other on the plate!" - "Mix it all together into a mushy science experiment!" - "Eat the least favorite thing first!" - "Save one bite of every food until the end!" - Dawn Patrol shares youthful dining customs as it returns from a new Starbucks, found near mile 4. The barista describes a local running club that sounds like fun.

"He's at a technical college; he can trivially make us fake IDs!" We plan how to get an in-state discount at upcoming races. Venus glows dimly through thick clouds. Discussion turns at the end to how a company might close its books, sell off its real estate holdings, give every employee a few million dollars, and then keep only the ones who truly love their work and are happy to carry on for no pay at all. That would be a new business model!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-01-31