2019-01-11 - Disney Dopey Challenge 10k

~6.2 mi @ ~16.5 min/mi

"Blow me to Bermuda!" says Merlin in the 1963 Disney animation The Sword in the Stone. Inspired, Crabby suggests it as a theme for Roadkill at the Dopey Challenge. Danger Man kindly provides Hawaiian shirt, baggy Bermuda shorts, and wizard's cap; Roadkill already has the long gray beard and the time-reversed attitude. So, windbreaker over costume on a chilly Friday morning, the Disney 10k race begins.Disney Dopey 10k Merlin-z pre-start
Wreck-It-Ralph an"There's Wreck-It Ralph!" Crabby spies the character at mile 1, and with K2, Danger Man, and Roadkill we stand in a 10-minute line for pictures. Numerous further photo ops ensue as the course enters Epcot and meanders.
"Space Mountain!" Later that same day as an experiment K2 lures Roadkill onto his first roller coaster in decades. It's a total delight! He insists on riding Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain as well, with long-time comrade Jester who now lives in Florida.

"Best Friends!" say the Unicorns again today. For sure!
Disney Dopey 10k post-finish wi

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