2019-01-13 - Disney Dopey Challenge Marathon

~26.2 min @ ~13.5 min/mi

Disney Dopey Marathon magic castle Dawn Patrol jump"Meet me at the Tourette's Syndrome tent!" texts Crabby. How appropriate! "Share Your Feelings" advises today's random Unicorn, and we do plenty of that: "I'm tired!" - "My ITB is starting to twinge!" - "Let's stop at this restroom!" - "It's too hot!" - "Well, I feel GREAT!" - "Sure glad somebody does!" Sharing among dear friends is All Good.

"Let's do Mount Everest!" Two days ago K2 created a Frankenstein's Monster when she snookered Roadkill into Space Mountain. Alas, when we pass the ride at mile 13 it's only 8:25am, more than half an hour too early for it to open. (No worries: tonight at Universal Studios with her son we take on three roller coasters and a few gentler rides.) Friendly families standing course-side give us Swedish fish, pretzels, chocolates, fruit, and other delicacies. We pause for pics with Buzz Lightyear ("Toy Story"), Joy & Sadness ("Inside Out"), fish-costumed cast members (from the musical "Finding Dory"), and somber gravediggers ("Haunted Mansion") . Real live creatures await us in Animal Kingdom, each with their own official race bibs. K2 and Roadkill stop to pat the bunny, stroke the sheep, cuddle the snake.
"Mark Zimmermann?" asks friend Molly's daughter as she passes us about mile 16, running her first marathon. Her mom spotted us in the Magic Kingdom earlier. "If I could have any superpower right now, it would be the ability to crawl through this camera and give you a big hug!" Roadkill poses by the mile 19 marker that features characters from the loving-kind film "Big Hero 6". A few miles later: "Speedwork!" when in the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex a track beckons Roadkill, who kicks out a 58-second 200-meter half-lap. K2 feels deja vu We play leapfrog with a gentleman wearing a t-shirt "100 Marathon Club Deutschland", who helps Roadkill practice his German. The green army man (Sergeant, from "Toy Story") is shouting at mile 23: "Here we go! That's right - go, go go! Move it up that hill! That's what I want to see - nicely done, soldier! Keep moving now - hut, two, three, four! Keep that pace, soldier - that what I like! Get those batteries back in!" as Crabby and K2 dash past.

"Are you going to drink that beer?" asks Roadkill, as we pass a fellow Marathon Maniac at mile 25.9 who appears ready to throw away a nearly-full flagon of magical amber elixir. "Becks pilsner - enjoy it!" the stranger offers, and Dawn Patrol begins the crucial process of rehydration before the marathon even ends. After the finish line we encounter our new comrade again, with a buddy who with this race has completed a marathon in all 50 states - bravo! They offer us icy-cold margaritas, a drink Roadkill has never tried before. He confesses that he's a cheap date: his annual alcohol quota is now fulfilled.
Disney Dopey Marathon Dawn Patrol finishes together
Disney Dopey MarathonBling-bedecked with many medals, we pose for photos and honor K2's dear sister, whom we've been thinking of during the four events of the Dopey Challenge.

"No more signing up for races!" swears Crabby, massaging her knee. The next day: "Oh, look, a race!" Before week's end we've thrown our hats into the New York City Marathon lottery, and have entered the Richmond Marathon. Hmmmmm ...

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