2019-04-13 - Vermont Runamuck 50k

~31 mi @ ~14.6 min/mi

Vermont Runamuck 50k horses and riders South Pomfret"Ultrarunners are so nice - I Heart You!" says the young lady, holding up hands in a <3 shape. So many such comments happen during the Runamuck 50k today, as we offer one another food, drink, salt, etc. The slopes in Vermont's ski region are icy, dirt roads muddy, vistas dramatic, hills unrelenting, and people uniformly ultra-friendly.
"I hired extra medics and alerted all the rescue squads along the way!" Race Director Jonathan Vass teases Roadkill, who takes a 45-minute-early start expecting to be much slower. Even with pauses to photograph horses, refuel at aid stations, and doff garments as the day warms, he finishes in 7 hours 25 minutes, 75th of 80, last of 5 in his age group, winner of the "traveled farthest to run" gift certificate. Yay!Vermont Runamuck 50k m
Vermont Runamuck 50k Mary Ewell and Mark Zim"Thank you, Mary!" Roadkill says it often throughout today's race. The inestimable Dr M drives, crews, runs alongside for miles, and cracks the whip as needed to help him enjoy the race and finish far more comfortably than anticipated. Great day!

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