2019-05-11 - Sufferfest

~15.4 mi @ ~14 min/mi

"Agony? Exhaustion? What was the name of that beer at Big Sur?" Danger Man scratches his head to recall what the marathon finish-line tent at offered for rehydration. "Ah, Sufferfest!" Roadkill runs from KenGar toward a cheery cherry sunrise, past a pensive cherub sitting on the fence and a foggy mirror that reminds passers-by that they are free. He meets Danger Man, and the duo meanders back to Rock Creek Trail where R2 joins them. Along the way a lawn-art eagle spreads its wings to protect an alabaster rabbit family and a coppery turtle.

"Maybe it's a Therapy Whale?" R2 speculates about the friendly beluga recently seen near Norway wearing a harness, and tells of law students finding comfort from a dog brought into the classroom. Sparrows dance a pas de deux on the sidewalk. The "Wish Bowl" accepts and dispenses rocks. Coney Count = 1, a big bunny that dashes across a front yard to reach cover.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-05-28