2019-05-15 - Yoneda Joke

~4.7 mi @ ~12.2 min/mi

"Another house under attack by flamingos!" K2 leads Dawn Patrol through back roads; we're constrained by early meetings to dash for iced coffee and then make a speedy return. The Four Seasons nursery is rich with spring flowers, leading Roadkill to muse about "A rose by any other name...", the Yoneda Lemma, and the associated joke: "If it's just a lemma, then what's the theorem?" Answer: "All of them!" (OK, a Category Theorist's sense of humor is, uh, ...)

"God Bless America" says a faded lawn sculpture depicting either a puffball mushroom or a giant golf ball on a tee. Black vultures graze at a dumpster. We give thanks for the peachy sunrise. "Gratitude creates joy!"
McLean Lawn Flamingo attack

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