2019-05-17 - Dead Run Run

~7.0 mi @ ~13.2 min/mi

"Uh, sure you don't want to change indoors?" K2 expresses concern as Roadkill arrives, jumps out of his car, and begins to take off his office clothes. "You can avert your eyes," he suggests, "but don't worry, I've got running gear on under this!" Today Dawn Patrol begins at 3pm (Good morning, Tasmania!) in search of sinkholes along Dead Run. Recent rains created some big ones that have disrupted major roads.

"Sunk Cost Fallacy?" - "No, we've come this far, we might as well go on!" We smile for security cameras and scan for paths to enter the woods between homes. ("Don't shoot! This is a public safety inspection!") Finally, by the bridge on Benjamin Street, K2 spies a rutted muddy track. A pair of mallard ducks, female and male, paddles in the stream. By a flood gauge a lonely hut measures water quality and relays results via radio. Bugs buzz; the day feels oppressively humid. Eventually we come to our senses and climb up to civilization.

"It's better to have an idea. You can change an idea; changing a belief is trickier." Bayesian Roadkill quotes the film Dogma about openness to fine-tuning one's opinions as fresh evidence comes in. ("Beliefs should be knobs, not switches!") We mull over the distinction between exploring deep, subtle theological concepts vs mocking religious doctrine. Sometimes convention should be challenged - but always with reverence and respect. A twee-sweet angular home stands on stilts by Whann Avenue; we eyed it previously more than three years ago. (cf 2015-11-20 - McLean Cut-Throughs)

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