2019-05-19 - Listen for Peace

~10.4 mi @ ~13.2 min/mi

Lime green short shorts"Parse this pic, Mr Artificial Intelligence!" challenges Roadkill, in an Adversarial AI attempt to extend the Turing Test into new dimensions. Today's puzzle photos feature a faded Red Sox singlet and lime-green thrift-store running shorts in the context of sidewalk chalk and a matchy-hue striped construction barrier. What do they mean? Answer correctly, and perhaps you've solved the Hard Problem!
"Excuse me -- may I stand on your park bench?" Roadkill asks permission to intrude between two ladies doing stretches at either end of a structure on Sligo Creek Trail. The words "Peace" and "Listen" are mindful mantras on the asphalt. "Instagram that!" suggests an onlooker.Sligo Creek l
Sligo Creek "Now show me what you got!" commands Danger Man, as Roadkill hesitates at the starting line. Off he dashes, for a 1:44 lap at the cushy Blair HS track. A roadside little free library features a small ceramic bell in its mini-campanile. Today's trek yields Coney Count = 2, one cute bunny by a woodsy cut-through and another cottontail in General Getty Park.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-06-06