2019-05-20 - Scotts Run Run

~5.8 mi @ ~13.7 min/mi

"Steeplechase!" K2 demonstrates proper form and leaps across a double-wide stream emerging with only one wet foot. Roadkill splashes through and enjoys double-soggy socks. Dawn Patrol transits the super-elusive Scotts Run Passage, first sought without success by K-Rex more than 3 years ago.K2 at Scotts Run under I-495 Capital Beltway
graffiti under I-495 Capital Beltway with RoadkillFrom a mansion-lined cul-de-sac we trek north-by-northeast just inside the Capital Beltway until the end of the paved path. Then "Excelsior!" via narrow trail, past deer who munch the verdant foliage and eye us with deep suspicion. A sandy tunnel under the freeway is decorated with brilliant graffiti art.
"Oops!" - never a good word to hear during a cross-country trek. Roadkill is looking back and talking (as always, yeah!) when suddenly he vanishes into a mini-sinkhole. K2 pulls him out. No harm done, since he hands on his, uh, bum. We backtrack and bushwhack past a transformer farm to the road. On the other side of the chain a sign reads "No Trespassing". Thanks for telling us!I-495 Capital Beltway sound wall graffiti with Roadkill
K2 with I-495 Capital Beltway graffiti underpass"Confirmation Bias? Fundamental Attribution Error? Be sure to signal me when you notice!" We promise to keep each other out of cognitive pitfalls in years to come.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-06-08