2019-08-11 - очень холодно

~4.0 mi @ ~9.8 min/mi

"очень холодно!" Igor tries to teach Roadkill how to say "very cold" in Russian before the "Groovin' Woodstock" cross-country race on a cool August morn. Steep hills are a delight to dash down but daunting to ascend. The course circles corn and soybean fields, meanders through dense woods, skirts grassy meadows. Along the horse trails the hoof-torn ground is a chaotic jumble. At mile 1 Roadkill survives a minor ankle roll; at mile 3 he gets a boost of adrenaline by almost falling in a ditch, then surrenders to the inevitable and speed-walks the next climb. Yesterday's run is no excuse: more hill-work needed, STAT! Post race brownies, in the '60s theme, feature green leaves. "This is a salad, no?"

Result: 47th of 82 finishers in 39:41, 2nd of 3 in the male 65-69 group.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2019-09-01