2020-06-01 - Birdbath Statue

~1.5 mi @ ~21 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/run/Lawn-statue_decollete_bird-bath_2020-06-01.jpg"No Trespassing - Private Driveway", reads the sign that Roadkill doesn't notice, overgrown as it is by weeds. Barefoot décolleté lawn lady catches sunbeams as she prepares to pour water into a birdbath. Hundreds of feet above the underground Metro a traction station door warns of danger. Irises hold hostas hostage. "FREE" says a scrap of paper, resting under a rock on top of a wooden display case by the street. Profound philosophical questions: is the rock free; or the paper; or the mind of the reader?

(trackfile) - ^z - 2020-06-23