2020-07-11 - MCRRC Run Aware 5k XC

~3.4 mi @ ~21 min/mi

"I'm trying to kvetch less – on odd-numbered days!"

"I'm trying to read less news of events – and more news of trends and patterns and causal factors!"

"I'm trying to be more thankful – especially for my dear friends!"

Drs SlowTwitch and Roadkill share aspirations and frustrations as they ramble in Cabin John Regional Park, following the course of the MCRRC "Run Aware 5k" virtual race. They miss occasional turns when Roadkill gets the distinction between Left and Right muddled. Betzee the SuperPup enjoys a romp in the dog park and is well-behaved on leash in the woods; she points out two chipmunks and a bunny rabbit in the first quarter mile.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2020-08-02