2020-07-12 - MCRRC Matthew Henson 5k

~3.2 mi @ ~18 min/mi

"Jump, Spin, Step, Hop!" Mid-course Square Peg pauses to demonstrate how to follow the chalk instructions on the path. Is that part of the race? She and Half Full escort Roadkill on the MCRRC virtual "Matthew Henson 5k". Danger Man sprints ahead for the win, plus bonus mileage.

"What would you like in your back yard, if you could wish for anything?" A swimming pool? A yurt? Or maybe peace of mind? Trekking poles get stuck in gaps between planks on the boardwalk over wetlands. Deer wander through the woods; roosters crow; woodpeckers rat-a-tat. Half and Peg compare notes on gourmet DC restaurants Maydan and Centrolina. Roadkill keeps to himself fond memories of a Taco Bell on Bladensburg Road.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2020-08-02