2020-08-16 - Fecal Humor

~4.5 mi @ 21 min/mi

"Fecal humor is always appropriate!" Walkabout conversation turns to US Postal Service cutbacks and whether stool samples collected for colon cancer tests will be delivered in a timely fashion to the labs. People could die if not! Danger Man and Square Peg escort Roadkill on a ramble through the mean streets of Westwood, where they discover new cut-throughs near Little Flower Church and Westland Middle School. Bolero Bethesda, a bowling alley, is COVID-closed. Shared stories include roller derby and crazy kitchen cleanups. A scary-angry-fluffy-tabby cat sits statue-like on a front doorstep defending her domain. "I have met eyes filled with recognition / speaking of life as the red berry / laughs out of the tangled brush" says a roadside bench. We work on mindfulness, forgiveness, acceptance.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2020-09-31