2020-08-22 - Stephanie 100 Miler Escort

~4.4 mi @ ~20 min/mi (1:47am)

~1.4 mi @ ~20 min/mi (3:48am)

~1.4 mi @ ~20 min/mi (4:58am)

~1.4 mi @ ~19 min/mi (6:33am)

http://zhurnaly.com/images/walk/Stephanie-Fonda-100_pringles-gatorade_z_2020-08-22.jpg"Your Mother could ... uh, no, she couldn't!" Roadkill rolls down the car window at 0135 to greet Slow Twitch and commence celebrating the pre-dawn hours of her eleventh 100 Miler. (Wow!) Jaybird and Tassie lead a brisk Rock Creek walking tour for miles 74-78, featuring fond-fonda-found memories and secret trail-talk code-words:
    • " Ditto! "
    • " Cat 1 + Cat 2! "
    • " Eleven! "
    • ...
Don't ask what those mean until you've done a thousand miles with us. Then you'll know!

Light rain starts and pauses. Local loop closed, at ~3am it's time for Slow Twitch and Tassie to begin a 1.4+ mile circuit of the neighborhood. Roadkill lounges in a front yard camp chair, drinking Gatorade, eating Pringles chips, nursing his knee, resting his eyes, enjoying the drizzle, and protecting Base Camp. He joins alternate orbits as Slow Twitch finishes the 70's (mileage) and cruises into the 80's decade. During the walks Tassie solves the Trolley Problem.

And most important of all, we share the wisdom of Lowen and Navarro's song, "We Belong" – together!

Yes, and...

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