2020-08-23 - Summer, Summer, Summer

~2.9 miles @ ~20 min/mi

"Summer, it turns me upside down / Summer, summer, summer / It's like a merry go round," says The Cars' song "Magic" on the oldies radio station. Danger Man and Half Full kindly accompany Roadkill for a sultry walkabout before their run. Peripatetic philosophical conversation explores why each of us is targeted by specific divergent categories of spam. (Concealed-carry permits? Spanish or Russian offers for web-hosting or birthday parties?) A metallic lawn heron lurks in the bushes; a license plate advises "BREATHE". The word "EAT" is concealed in the middle.

"For $800 you can have one too!" says the walker in a big black CAM boot. On Little Falls Parkway a lady talks to her cellphone through a silver-shiny face shield. At 2.99 miles on the GPS Roadkill exhibits self-control by stopping short of an integer.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2020-09-06