2020-10-10 - Prometheus Bound with Nymphs

~2.9 mi @ ~21 min/mi

Prometheus Bound with Oceanid nymphs statue, Bethesda MD"Diversity, Efficiency, Simplicity!" Danger Man, Roadkill, and Square Peg discuss criteria for retirement investment plans. Low-cost index funds, guaranteed annuities, and rebalancing to stay near the Efficient Frontier are optimal. An eye-catching statue features Prometheus bound, with an eagle getting ready for a liver dinner as a pair of Oceanid nymphs hang out. It's a copy of an 1879 original in the Berlin National Gallery.

We mourn the passing of Eddie van Halen, and share stories of how scientists are humans too. A recent Nobel laureate and somebody's close friend are enemies after one stole the other's potential spouse. Oops!

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