2021-03-27 - Into the Sun

~7.7 mi @ ~20.2 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/walk/C-and-O-Canal_sunrise_2021-03-27.jpg"Raised by wolves in a barn!" says someone, describing less-than-civil behavior. At Civil Twilight the Dawn Patrol begins a walkabout along the C&O Canal, sharing news and philosophizing about the world. What's the distinction between an Inquiry and an Investigation? And how about the nuances of Reckless vs Intentional vs Knowing acts? (But not Wanton, please!) Guilt and innocence are more bayesian than binary. Birders perch on the towpath, training binoculars and long lenses on raræ aves in a tall tree. An hour after reveille at the nearby Navy base the National Anthem booms from loudspeakers across a Boy Scout encampment. Arise, ye sluggards!

At 0830 Plato joins Peg, Perry, and Pokey for further mileage. Banter ensues about formal language theory, whether Social Justice can be analyzed using functional programming and path-integral methods, the Jersey shore, the Grand Tetons, and B&B etiquette. For the drive home the radio aptly plays "Glory Days".

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-04-23