2021-04-03 - Hard Problems

~7.0 mi @ ~19.8 min/mi

"I love it when people have the confidence to pose!" says 🔥, as a young lady takes a sexy stance déhanchement under cherry blossoms for her photographer. Holy Saturday begins in gloom with a Dawn Patrol survey of Kennedy Dr and Goldsboro Rd. Easter bunny ears decorate a garden dinosaur and a front-door rabbit face. "Awaken Spirituality + Nurture Fellowship + Serve Others" says the banner in front of a Methodist church. The Marriage Problem (how to pick optimally from a series of candidates when one can never look back) is analyzed, along with the related film Must Love Dogs. Hyper-caffeinated 🤖 monologues on acceptance, failure, freedom, category theory, mental models, and countless other metacognitive Hard Problems.

"And so that's why you need to do a 100 miler!" is the non-sequitur conclusion. Maybe? Or just Be!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-05-02