2021-04-06 - Deep Peace

~5.2 mi @ ~19.1 min/mi

"New cut-through!" 🤖 discovers a hidden staircase, rusty iron handrails overgrown with ivy, concrete cracked, at the end of dead-end Harvey Rd. It leads down a steep slope and a narrow stone path to the next street. Eureka! Today's mission of mercy brings hydration meds to Spuds and checks on the Squirrel Shack, where the expanded menu isn't ready yet. A little free library Dog Annex offers sticks and balls to borrow. Bright garden poles bear inspirational words: "Deep Peace" - "Make It, Live It, Share It" - "No Ordinary Cat" - "You Will Never Leave My ❤️".

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-05-07