2021-04-09 - Be the Good

~2.3 mi @ ~18.5 min/mi

"Do you think that's thunder?" asks the lady walking her brown boxer in Rock Creek Park.

"No," says ever-optimistic 🤖, "it's probably just trucks rumbling on the road." He scrambles up a steep ~15 meter hillside on what might, arguably, be a trail. A path at the top leads to an overlook and a plastic bottle of water marked with a "B". Then a rumble – bass drum practice? – echoes through the woods. Then another. Eventually undeniable: a storm is coming! Hasty homeward walk gets there before the deluge.

A painted rock garden offers stony aphorisms: "Reach for the Sky" – "Stop waiting for Tomorrow; Start Now" – "Mistakes are Proof that you are Trying" – "Breathe". And the optimistic "Believe there is Good in the World" that, reading the red letters, whispers: "Be the Good". Yes, and...!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-05-11